Social Media Marketing – 10 Inspiring Infographics

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In 2011 social media marketing continued to make its impact on business and brand promotions. Google+ was launched (with an investment of over $500 million in development costs), Twitter became embedded in the new Apple iPhone 4s and Blogging didn’t die.Social Media Marketing - 10 Infographics

Facebook soared past 800 million users and Twitter continued its upward trajectory past 200 million members.

The world’s obsession with anything social online has given marketers access to networks that are instant in response, multi-media rich and ever challenging.

Some Social Network Surprises

Some surprising results and unexpected networks and social media platforms have made their mark this year with

  • Tumblr now attracting over 90 million unique visitors every month
  • StumbleUpon driving over 50% of all social network traffic
  • YouTube is attracting 50% more views than 2010 and threatening traditional TV advertising and marketing

The role of social media in the spreading  and sharing of content and improving website and blog search engine optimisation has been never more obvious to the professional social media marketer.

Here are some infographics that simplify the presentation of the facts and figures of Facebook, Twittter, LinkedIn, Content and SEO, Tumblr and StumbleUpon and showcase the implications of social media for marketers.

1. The Numbers on Facebook

Are We Obsessed with Facebook?
Via: Online Schools

2. How to Use Twitter

Twitter Marketing Infographic

3. Google+

Google+ Facts and Figures

4. YouTube

YouTube Infographic

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing Infographic

Veja a Lista Completa Aqui



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